Tips on how to be a good test-taker

Preparing and studying is very important to get success in the exams. Writing exams is a tough task, but you can make it simpler by improving the way you prepare. If you study for the exam in an effective & efficient way, you can surely ace your exam in the first attempt. 

Few Preparation Tips before the Exam day

Here are several preparation tips before the exam day, which will help you mentally prepare for your exam:

1. Practice previous test papers

Exam anxiety comes from an unknown fear. Not knowing what to expect can create a lot of panic under exam conditions. You can reduce anxiety by solving previous exam papers to get a realistic idea of the exam pattern & syllabus.

2. Organize your notes

Organize the written material into graphs, subheadings, charts, and bullet points. An excessive amount of written content is not generally recommended. When you convert your notes in graphical format, it becomes more effective for the exams.

3. Bedtime reminder

The mind remembers and retains the information specifically before you feel sleepy. Say to yourself loudly or within your mind during this time: “Tomorrow, I’ll work hard from a peaceful and relaxed state.” It will empower you to start the next day in the best possible way.

4. Timely practice

Time-management is one of the primary skills and competencies for successful analysis. Stress usually comes from the trust that you run out of time to study; nothing will be missed by assigning time blocks for every crucial topic, and your fears will disappear.

  •  Learn from your mistakes

Exam anxiety always comes from the fear of making mistakes. Unfortunately, errors are an inevitable aspect of the examinations. Learn from your mistakes and remain positive by viewing your failure as positive feedback for retrospection.

6. Don’t expect of achieving perfection

Accepting that perfection can never be accomplished, and there is alwaysroom for improvement, takes off some of the pressure.

7. Generate a positive mind

Your mindset plays a significant role in determining your results. If you’re feeling good while writing your exams, it will definitely get reflected in your scores. Take 5 minutes before the exam and think of all the positive things. This will help you ease your exam anxiety, which will ultimately be reflected in your scores.

Few Preparation Tips for the exam day:

Here are some of the preparation tips for the exam day, which will be very helpful to make you comfortable:

1. Don’t leave a vast syllabus for the night before the exam

Preparing some things before the night of the exam can help you feel stress-free so that you can wake up and get ready with ease and a healthy mind. However, you should make short notes of the essential material and revise only these one night before the exam.


Take a good sleep before the exam

You should take enough sleep. It will be very helpful to keep your mind calm and relaxed.

3. Wear appropriate clothes

When you are getting ready, think about the environment of the exam hall and the weather. Probability is, it will be air-conditioned, and you’re going to sit there for hours, so make sure you’re dressed accordingly to keep yourself at a comfortable temperature. If you choose to wear warm-weather clothes, make sure to carry a light sweater or jacket if the atmosphere of the room is cold and think of the opposite case. If the weather outside is cold, make sure that your clothes are covered, so that you may remove layers if you start feeling hot during the exam. Keep your body comfortable, which reduces distractions and external impacts while you are taking the exam.

4. Have a healthy breakfast

Even if you usually avoid breakfast, taking a meal is important before a lengthy test. This is not just another day at school. Your breakfast should also contain essential vitamins, which keep you energetic during the exam.

5. Always keep some time in hand

Nothing is more frustrating to the proctors than you reaching late. Keep some time reserved in case of a traffic jam and unexpected delays so that you can reach the test center much before the exam starts. It enables you to get comfortable with your test surroundings and calms you down before the exam.


We have discussed some useful tips, both before the actual test date and on the test date, which will help make you comfortable in the exam hall and prepare well for the exam. But, in case you are still struggling with a test prep strategy, don’t worry, we are here for you. We, at Online tutoring services assure you that our expert tutors will help you to form a customized test strategy according to your strengths and weakness. Contact us for more details.

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