Engagement rings, wedding rings, and bands for the special day

While many customers wonder about the difference between the engagement ring, wedding band, and wedding rings, the truth is that there is very little difference between wedding rings and bands.

Engagement rings are typically given during the engagement ceremony and are elaborate and dazzling with unique ones like oval engagement rings in Baton Rouge; whereas the wedding band and the wedding ring are exchanged between the husband and wife while exchanging vows. In earlier times, there was a slight difference, as men mostly wore the band, and the women opted for the most elaborate and feminine design for the ring.

Nowadays, many women opt to wear bands to keep it is simple and hassle-free, when they are leading a very active lifestyle which may not suit the elaborate ring’s design. Another factor is the cost, as most wedding bands at Baton Rouge jewelers are not as elaborate as the engagement rings, which means that they are more affordable and easier to plan, unless it is an eternity ring or one which comes with intricate designs with precious stones.

Bridal and wedding sets

These options are available for couples and also helps them save costs, as they do not have to purchase individual rings. Instead, it is a complete set, well-coordinated with the design of the engagement ring. The bridal set comprises of engagement and wedding rings for the bride only, whereas the wedding sets will have an engagement ring as well as the wedding rings for the bride and the groom.

Choosing a reputed jewelry store in Baton Rouge with a wide range of designer jewelry as well as the option for custom design is the best choice for wedding and bridal jewelry for the special day.

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