Singapore travel : Explore 10 exciting entertainment spots in Sentosa island

Sentosa Island to the southern coast of Singapore about 0.5 km, is the fourth largest island of Singapore. This is an impressive resort; there is a harmonious combination between a zone of tropical entertainment, nature park and heritage centre.

Sentosa is a small fishing village of Singapore with an area of about 3km² and former British army barracks since 1972 Sentosa has been the business of investment to renovate furthermore, extend to turn into a hotel, in the Malaysian language Sentosa implies harmony and calm. Here are some interesting, fun places that you should not miss while in Sentosa.

Explore ten exciting entertainment spots in Sentosa island

1. Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom

This place is surrounded by lush tropical plants, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom has stunning natural scenery. With more than 3,000 species of butterflies and insects, this park is considered to have a collection of butterflies and the world’s most gigantic insect.

Butterfly Park is a landscape garden with over 15,000 live butterflies, representing more than 50 species. Outdoor greenhouses of the park are where the conservation of the different species of butterflies, including the rare butterfly species in danger of extinction.

2. Meet and interact with the animals and birds

Intelligence, agility and friendliness are the qualities of the animals here. On the way down the beach in Palawan, the program usually takes place encounters with birds, monkeys and reptiles are held at Bird Aviary and Palawan Amphitheatre.

You will learn more about the birds, such as parrots Lori, Cockatoo parrots, monkeys and reptiles. Here you can let the animals eat, take pictures with them.

3. Wave House Sentosa, Singapore

Wave House Sentosa is wider than the 6500m2 building is located along the beach. This work is built to bring surfing enthusiasts the ultimate experience when riding the waves up to 3 meters

high for the first time in Asia. If you do not know surfing, you will get the help of the experienced guides at Wave House. Know everything about Delta Airlines Reservations.

4. Singapore image Museum 

History and development of Singapore from the 14th century up to now has been introduced in the Singapore Image Museum aka Wax Museum. From these events marked the history of daily life such as traditional weddings, dinner or only a warm moon night full of happiness in the Chinese family; practices, rituals from India, Mali … which are exhibited here.

Also, it offers numerous display size wax statues as accurate of the famous characters in the world such as the US President Bush, Clinton, President of Iraq Saddam Hussein, President of the Hu Jintao, artists like Jackie, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, the Beatles …

5. Observatory Tiger 

Observatory Tiger 131 meters altitude equivalent to a 50 floors building. It can accommodate up to 72 people in an air-conditioned cabin, and each tour lasts 7 minutes. Here, you have a panoramic view on the island of Sentosa and the Southern Islands of Singapore and neighbouring Malaysia and even Indonesia.

6. water music performances 

Sentosa Island water music is a combination of light, music and water along with the three-dimensional image space fantasy. Besides, the original play about the history and the development of Singapore is performed nightly at Sentosa to serve tourists.

7. Sea Lion statue Sentosa, Singapore

If you want to admire the beauty of the Sentosa island from 37m height, you can climb to the Observatory at the mouth of the sea lion Merlion statue – the features of Singapore. At level 9 (mouth lion) and 12th floor (lion), you can enjoy the picturesque island with trails hidden in the rainforest, pristine beaches of white sand Siloso, Singapore harbour bustling with the ship out on.

8. Underwater World, Sentosa, Singapore

Water World is a beautiful play area with impressive beauty of a whole different world beneath the ocean. The aquarium is located in Sentosa Island, very impressed with the vivid ocean world. It is considered the world’s largest aquarium, showcasing more than 100,000 of the 800 species of marine life. Moreover, there are 20,000 sorts of coral. It also has the longest lazy river in the world, approximately 620 meters.

Ocean artificial simulated 49 different habitats in Southeast Asia. In the area to visit, tourists will indeed be overwhelmed by the “giant aquarium” with large glass panels in the world, 36 meters wide and 8.3 meters high. MAGIC-T at the aquarium, visitors can feed the fish in the tank through the openings inside the tank without water splash.

9. Pink dolphin pool (Dolphin Lagoon)

Here, you can directly witness the excellent performances of dolphins and seals; even you can shake hands, feed them and take pictures with the cute dolphins. Get contact information’s for all the airlines gethuman.

10. Sentosa Nature Discovery – Singapore

One of the newest attractions is on Sentosa Nature Discovery– which gives visitors an interactive journey to discover wildlife and plants on the island. Previously this area was a rail station, Sentosa Nature Discovery includes an indoor gallery and outdoor. Here, guests will have fun, be natural sightseeing.

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